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Technology that coordinates, connects, and transforms fulfillment

Pyxis technology orchestrates and optimizes your fulfillment team's workflows so you can meet customer commitments.

Pyxis Hub work execution dashboard
Pyxis Point Picking Workflow screenshot

The Power of Pyxis

Man using Pyxis in warehouse with Lumabots

Optimizes resources individually

Intelligent and innovative Pyxis technology orchestrates humans and robots separately in their own directed workflows for agile and rapid order fulfillment.

Manages and directs workflows

Directed task assignment and labor balancing prioritizes and plans resources based on distance, priority of orders, and robot dwell time for continuous and fast fulfillment.

Empowers your fulfillment team

Pyxis keeps your team aligned and informed, eliminating wasteful downtime and increasing pick productivity.

Meet Pyxis Point

Arm your team with the information they need to perform

Pyxis Point guides workers through the picking process, directing each individual where to go, what to pick, and how many of each item to grab when they get there for increased speed and picking accuracy.

Pyxis™️ point and put to light shelving

Meet Pyxis Hub


Pyxis Hub Work Execution Dashboard on iPad

Order Insights in Real Time

Dashboard views provide real time insight on your team's progress, keeping you informed and up to speed on what's been completed, what's in progress, and what needs your attention. Pyxis Hub gives you the data you need to quickly take action–enabling faster, more efficient fulfillment.

Pyxis Hub Robots Dashboard on iPad

Recognize Your Top Performers

Fine-tune your fulfillment operations with team-based and individual performance views. Boost picking productivity and identify opportunities for improvement or recognition across your team by diving into the data.

Fulfillment Powered by Pyxis

Our unique technology is your secret weapon for accurate and efficient end-to-end fulfillment. Learn how the Pyxis Point mobile application and Pyxis Hub performance insights can improve the flow of goods in your facility by optimizing and maximizing your existing resources.

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