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Meet Lumabot™

An interactive and powerful fulfillment partner

Lumabot autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) boost order picking productivity and their human counterparts, intelligently moving material to the right person, at the right location, at the right time.

Onward Robotics Lumabot™️ traveling in aisle

The Lumabot Advantage

Interactive and accurate order picking

Put-to-light shelving indicates the proper tote, shelf, and quantity for each pick—reducing errors and increasing pick efficiency.

High capacity for high volume order fulfillment

Capable of handling payloads of up to 450 lb. (204 kg) with configurable shelving that is wide enough to accommodate larger SKUs, Lumabot AMRs move more, faster.

Powered to perform

Lumabot's hot-swappable battery lasts up to two shifts (20+ hours) without needing a charge. Batteries can easily be changed during normal operations on the floor, eliminating the need for downtime or disruptions.

Workers in a warehouse

Driven to Deliver

From induction to drop off, our Meet Me™ solution connects Lumabots and pickers for end-to-end efficiency

Orchestrating operational excellence

Pyxis-directed task assignment and dynamic labor balancing are catered to your operational needs—prioritizing and planning Lumabot and picker resources separately for continuous and fast fulfillment.

Amp up your uptime

Our Meet Me™ person-to-goods (P2G) solution drastically reduces downtime and maximizes picking productivity by empowering Lumabots and pickers to move independently.

Ergonomics made easy

Lumabots seamlessly support their human counterparts. Meeting at the pick location to minimize travel, and guiding pickers with put-to-light shelving to ensure accuracy. Lumabots easily handle heavy payloads so workers stay safe.

Boost People Power with Lumabot AMRs

Empower your team to deliver fast and accurate order picking with Lumabots, the person-to-goods AMRs that are easy to learn and engaging to use. Learn how our Meet Me solution intelligently optimizes both pickers and your robotic fleet, enabling you to improve productivity without adding resources.

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