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The World Expects Instant Fulfillment

We help warehousing, distribution, and fulfillment centers shorten click-to-consumer cycle times by reimagining how humans and robots work together.



Continued e-commerce growth has expanded omni-channel order fulfillment as retailers strive to meet growing consumer expectations. Onward Robotics' flexible and scalable automation solution enables increased speed and volume–so e-commerce retailers can expand productivity, increase revenue, and keep up with demand.

Third Party Logistics (3PLs)

As SLAs become shorter and more complex, third-party logistics providers are trying to keep up while contending with constrained and costly warehouse space and labor. Onward Robotics gives 3PLs a competitive edge by optimizing existing people and infrastructure to grow productivity and meet cost and savings goals.

Industrial Warehousing

Industrial warehouses rely on processes such as fulfillment, parts replenishment, and kitting to run consistently and efficiently. With higher labor and employee turnover, reliable and flexible mobile automation streamlines processes and increases employee satisfaction and productivity. Lumabots powered by Pyxis technology support higher capacity payloads and reduces costly downtime so industrial suppliers can move heavier, more complex loads, faster.


Healthcare and medical device supply chains continue to face spikes in demand, product backorders, and urgent fulfillment requirements–all while managing an uncertain workforce. Onward Robotics’ person-to-goods solution augments existing resources and expedites order fulfillment to strengthen supply chain operations and enable on-time delivery of critical products to patients.

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